Aims and Scope

Innovation & Management Review is a quarterly publication organised by the Business department of the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. INMR’s main objectives are: to disseminate the intellectual production in the field of technological, organisational and market innovation, stimulating creative academic and research contributions; to do its share in increasing the knowledge production of the academic and professional communities related to applied sciences in the field of innovation; to serve as a proper channel to spread conceptual and methodological advances and experiences of innovation in modern society; and to encourage the dissemination of knowledge that promotes new studies and new theoretical and empirical formulations for the field of innovation.

Focus & Scope:

  • 1.Innovation, innovation management
  • 2.Business models innovation, startups
  • 3.Social innovation, responsible innovation
  • 4.Entrepreneurship
  • 5.Innovation ecosystems
  • 6.Technology management innovation
  • 7.Service innovation
  • 8.Innovation strategy, innovation capabilities
  • 9.Research & development R&D, new product development
  • 10.Digital transformation, industry 4.0

This journal offers immediate access to its content, following the principle of making scientific knowledge freely available to the public, providing greater global democratisation of knowledge.

Original manuscripts are welcome in English or in Portuguese, provided that the authors submit an English version of the text prior to publication.

INMR publishes 4 issues per annum.

Open access

All articles published in INMR are published Open Access under a CCBY 4.0 licence.

Innovation & Management Review is published by Emerald Publishing on behalf of Universidade de São Paulo. INMR is owned by Universidade de São Paulo. INMR is published under a platinum OA arrangement, in that all charges for publishing an OA article in INMR are funded by Universidade de São Paulo. There is no charge to the author.